24 December 2012

my christmas wish

Gifts under the tree by cocopuff1212
Gifts under the tree, a photo by cocopuff1212 on Flickr.

My most sincere wish, for everyone, for a peaceful Christmas filled with love and warmth. May you all find gifts under your trees, and more importantly, a gift in your hearts.

10 December 2012

counting days

Wanderlust. by cocopuff1212
Wanderlust., a photo by cocopuff1212 on Flickr.

Our Christmas tree is up, with gifts already wrapped and placed underneath it. It's dark outside, soup is simmering on the stove, and I'm listening to this version of one of my favorite Christmas songs.

26 November 2012


Good morning. by cocopuff1212
Good morning., a photo by cocopuff1212 on Flickr.

After a weekend with house full of people, sitting alone in the kitchen feels strange, and the quietness of this place is unsettling. My son was heartbroken to see his cousin leave, and I am wondering if I need to do something special to cheer him up.

Thanksgiving was early this year, and we have a full week before Advent starts. I am working through the piles of towels and sheets to wash, and between the loads, making trips to the garage to get our Christmas things out.

I know I am six days ahead, but I find myself saying, "O come, O come, Emmanuel."

18 November 2012

lingering upon...

A formerly empty wall by my desk, now perfectly prettied up with a lovely calendar for 2013 by the New York photographer Alice Gao.

During the month of November, she is donating 25% of the calendar sales toward Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. I've always admired her gorgeous photographs, so I'm very excited to have this little gallery set up, plus contribute my bit toward helping the hurricane victims. She is willing to ship to addresses outside of the U.S.

After I purchased this (in addition to this calendar I had already bought last month), Jenna Park of Sweet Fine Day put this in her shop, and now I want it, too. She is also donating a portion of the sales toward the hurricane relief efforts. This one is a bit more gender-neutral, so perhaps my husband could use it on his desk. I mean, he needs a calendar, right?

10 November 2012


A house is a shelter, first and foremost. It keeps us dry and keeps us warm. It would be nice if it isn't too small, great if it's prettily decorated. But its most important function is to shelter us from the elements. To keep us safe.

I am grateful for mine, and taking care of it is my way of saying "thank you". I can't imagine ever hiring a housekeeper.