29 September 2008


The weather here went from "blazing hot (100 degrees)" to "nice and cool (75 degrees)" in three days.

Gotta start decorating in and around the house!

16 September 2008

why, God, why?

What do we say to someone who asks, "If there is a God, why is there so much suffering?", someone who is suffering, bombarded with challenges and tragedies, someone who cries, "Enough is enough! I can't take it any more"?

What do we offer beyond our hands to hold, ears to listen, shoulders to lean on?

Why are these things happening to these people?

Why do we even wonder why? What is the point of asking why?

I don't have the answers. So I just keep believing in God, my God, and keep on offering my hands to hold, ears to listen, and shoulders to lean on. Because there is nothing more I can do; this is all that I can do.

I am one small person, and I do what one small person can do. Nothing more. But nothing less.

11 September 2008

grandmother, grandson

I made this photo using PhotoFunia. The result photo caught my breath, becasue the person to whom these hands belong could be my own mother.

And, it made me think, could it also be me sometime in the future?

Oh, yes, it could.

04 September 2008

I do so like green eggs and ham!

You mean, you can read the whole book all by yourself now?