29 April 2011


I seldom buy flowers for our home any more because of the hay fever type allergy my son and I suffer. But yesterday at Parc de la Tête d'Or, I saw a gentleman selling tulips for the benefit of a cancer research/support organization.

Tulips. Along with cosmos and gerbera daisis, they are my favorite flowers in the whole world.

They were 5€ a bunch, but the kind, friendly monsieur gave me three bunches for 10€. The purplish-pink perfectly match the color of the flowers in my aunt's water-color painting on the wall.

15 April 2011

vacances de pâques

Packing is a drag, but the Eternal City waits for me. See you all in a week.

14 April 2011


Someone was speaking to me from heaven this morning.

05 April 2011

plum blossoms

Seasons repeat, and spring is coming.

A ray of light, bringing a bit of hope.