29 June 2008

so refreshing

The restorative, healing power of water.

We come from water, and we return to water.

Ashes to ashes, water to water.

13 June 2008

and with these wings, I soar

Tomorrow E and I go and meet up with M, who is already in Denver. Of course I've missed him, but more so because E talks about him so much.

I so love the way their relatioinship keeps growing stronger. M is the biggest hero that ever lived in E's universe, and the nature of the bond between them is very different from the bond that E and I share. There is a quality of almost sacred mutual respect between the two of them. I just love watching them (from afar) spend special, one-on-one moments.

Another beautiful day, with skies endlessly blue. I close with a prayer of eternal gratitude.

10 June 2008

how much do you love me?

How much do I love you, you ask?

I love you as high as the sky, as big as the sun, as deep as the ocean.

How much do I love you?

I love you as tall as the tree, as green as the leaves, as purple as the flowers.

I love you as soft as the hug, as sweet as the kiss, as tender as the smile, as far as the rainbow.

I love you always, forever, no matter what.

How much do you love me?

06 June 2008

sunshine on my shoulder

It's 79 degrees outside, and the humidity level is 40%. The sun is shining, and the chair on the patio is just the place to be. Just give me a book and a glass of iced tea.

Life is good, and knowing that I didn't earn this but was given this as a privilege keeps me humble.

What would I try to keep, if I was given an hour to pack and just a suitcase?

I know that there is nothing I abusolutely must have, as long as M is with me and I am holding E's hand. Love binds me, yet it also makes me free.... Free to sing, free to dance, free to laugh and free to cry.

Cheers to Sunshine and other little sunshines in my life.