26 February 2009

eternal springtime

According to this entry in Wikipedia, spring doesn't start until March 21. According to the traditional Japanese calendar, it has already arrived during the first week of February.

The weather here tells me that it is indeed spring. It's still a bit cooler on some days, and that's just the way I like it. It is the best time of year, weather-wise, in this area of California. Except for the sneeze attacks we keep having.

But we can't stay inside just because we've got runny noses! Take the camera, don't forget the pack of tissue, and let's go outside -- allergy be damned!

23 February 2009


May the Force be with you, always, forever, no matter what.

21 February 2009

a little break

...between housework duties, or a little housework between (very long and frequent) breaks? But one can't rush through a cup of tea. Gulp down a mug of coffee, yes, but not tea.

My only goal today is to get the house cleaned top to bottom before this evening. So, here I am taking yet another break.

The green teas sold at Peet's Tea are not too bad, although they lack the allure and mystery of the leaves from century-old Japanese tea vendors. I'm really into their (Peet's, that is) Genmai right now, consuming three to four large-mugful every day. It is light and refreshing, and I like that I don't have to wait to let the boiled water cool, the way I have to do with Sencha. I need to get another tin soon, or I will be out of tea leaves when the urge for Genmai strikes.

Speaking of allure and mystery, I received a package from Japan yesterday which, to my gleeful delight (Is that redundant? Should I say "to my delightful surprise"?), included a pack of O-Buku-Cha from Kyoto's famed Ippodo. Oh, oh, oh, I can't wait to open it! Should I have some of my Japanese friends over to enjoy this tea with, or should I keep it all to myself??? Decisions, decisions.

18 February 2009

life is a beach

A beach in Southern California on a sunny day, that is.

Life at its best. Need to say any more?

07 February 2009

rainy days and mondays

...can get us down.

Rainy Saturdays, however, are a bit different.

We've got no plans, in no rush go anywhere, so we go to the library, and of course it was the perfect day to be there.

We browse until we get hungry, then we're off to lunch.

02 February 2009

color me beautiful

I gave E the camera for 30 minutes, and this was one of the photos he took. I know what's in the photo, but it's so out of focus that it's absolutely impossible to tell what it is by just looking at it. I love the colors and the blurriness. The image of the chandelier (from the underside) on the last post was also taken by him. I'm surprised and amazed by the photos he takes sometimes.


Cooking just for the two of us, one of whom is only seven years-old and not really into appreciating the art of eating, has been somewhat of a challenge. However, today I had two of my girlfriends over for lunch, and for the gathering I made enough food for six people. It was the kind of pasta dish that could be served hot, at room temp, or cold. We have more than enough of this dish left for E and me for dinner tonight. I also took two servings of salad out of the bowl before dressing it for the girls and me, so I already have a salad ready for dinner.

The best part of this was that I actually ate something decent for lunch! With a glass of wine, no less!

I may have to do this more often.