21 February 2009

a little break

...between housework duties, or a little housework between (very long and frequent) breaks? But one can't rush through a cup of tea. Gulp down a mug of coffee, yes, but not tea.

My only goal today is to get the house cleaned top to bottom before this evening. So, here I am taking yet another break.

The green teas sold at Peet's Tea are not too bad, although they lack the allure and mystery of the leaves from century-old Japanese tea vendors. I'm really into their (Peet's, that is) Genmai right now, consuming three to four large-mugful every day. It is light and refreshing, and I like that I don't have to wait to let the boiled water cool, the way I have to do with Sencha. I need to get another tin soon, or I will be out of tea leaves when the urge for Genmai strikes.

Speaking of allure and mystery, I received a package from Japan yesterday which, to my gleeful delight (Is that redundant? Should I say "to my delightful surprise"?), included a pack of O-Buku-Cha from Kyoto's famed Ippodo. Oh, oh, oh, I can't wait to open it! Should I have some of my Japanese friends over to enjoy this tea with, or should I keep it all to myself??? Decisions, decisions.

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