02 February 2009

color me beautiful

I gave E the camera for 30 minutes, and this was one of the photos he took. I know what's in the photo, but it's so out of focus that it's absolutely impossible to tell what it is by just looking at it. I love the colors and the blurriness. The image of the chandelier (from the underside) on the last post was also taken by him. I'm surprised and amazed by the photos he takes sometimes.


Cooking just for the two of us, one of whom is only seven years-old and not really into appreciating the art of eating, has been somewhat of a challenge. However, today I had two of my girlfriends over for lunch, and for the gathering I made enough food for six people. It was the kind of pasta dish that could be served hot, at room temp, or cold. We have more than enough of this dish left for E and me for dinner tonight. I also took two servings of salad out of the bowl before dressing it for the girls and me, so I already have a salad ready for dinner.

The best part of this was that I actually ate something decent for lunch! With a glass of wine, no less!

I may have to do this more often.

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