25 December 2008

and so it went

This Christmas came and went so fast, it was blurry.

Our trip out to the Pacific Northwest was canceled due to the weather, and there were more than a few very, very disappointed souls here as well as over there. It would have been our last trip up that way before our move. Mom was so disappointed that she has already decided to come down during spring. I am glad that she doesn't mind travelling (because I do!).

We did get up fairly early this morning and exchanged gifts. That was nice -- just the three of us, very relaxed and laid-back, with coffee mugs in our hands, the Christmas tree lights on and the fire going in the fireplace. Then we stayed in our pajamas and I finished reading Twilight (my homework from P) while E put together his new Lego project. M went running. Brrrrr.

I really do enjoy my little family. We are all healthy, together (at least for the time being), and appreciate each other very much. We got to spend time by ourselves -- that probably was the greatest, albeit unexpected, gift this year.

Merry Christmas, pumpkins.

21 December 2008

star of wonder, star of light

They went on their way, and the star they had seen in the east went ahead of them until it stopped over the place where the child was.

18 December 2008

11 December 2008

jolly.... or not

It's the most wonderful time of the year.... or so they say. We're supposed to be happy, merrily singing carols and decking the halls.

We buy presents, trim the tree, light the candles and open the advent calendar. Yes, we do have fun.

But we all know that it is also the most difficult time of the year. We're missing those dear ones who have departed, and oh how we wish, just wish, that we could be together again.

We miss those who are far away, whom we may not see until goodness knows when. How we wish we could be there, with them, right now.

What we crave is not a lavish party nor an expensive gift. We want the void to be filled and the tears to dry. When that's not possible and the heart still aches, give us peace and comfort so we can go on.

Then, one day at a time, we will make this into a season to remember, another memory to cherish. We will have ourselves a merry little Christmas.

10 December 2008

have yourself a merry little christmas

Let your heart be light
From now on
Our troubles will be out of sight

01 December 2008

waiting for santa claus

With little tin horns and little toy drums
Rooty toot toots and rummy tum tums
Santa Claus is coming to town