27 May 2010


It's a fun game, yes, but I was feeling awkward playing it. Why? Because it's so...so... dare I say it... so American! You know: Buy, buy, buy, make money, use that money to buy more stuff, so you can make more money!


So when I lose and go bankrupt (which seems to happen every time we play), I'm teaching my son a very profound social lesson, instead of encouraging him to grow capitalistic motivation toward life. Hmmmm.

21 May 2010

where blue birds fly

We discovered Parc des Oiseaux recently.

Only about 30 minutes out of Lyon, it is large and very beautifully maintained.  The lush green-ness of the place and its layout (such as the lake in the middle of it and the boardwalk crossing it) make it pleasurable to walk around, even if you're not that interested in birds.

The park has a restaurant, a cafeteria, and two snack bars, but there are also many picnic tables and tons of benches that are great for picnic lunches.

The petit "orientation" train that took us around the perimeter of the park reminded me of the choo-choo train at Santa Barbara Zoo. I didn't understand the French commentary, but these trains are fun! Riding one is a must at any animal park, along with an ice cream cone (which we didn't eat, because it was way too cold).

The bird show was incredible. The amphitheater looks down toward the lake (a gorgeous view), and when the zoologist pointed to the direction of the other side of the lake and said something, a pelican appeared in the sky, flew over toward us and landed on the stage! Then came a group of geese (who kept coming back at impeccable intervals), then two elegant owls, and many other kinds of birds came flying from this direction and that direction. 

I didn't understand a word the zoologist said, but I very much enjoyed the show, which lasted about 30 minutes.

In addition to the bird exhibits, our son enjoyed the playground equipment. I appreciated the clean bathroom facilities.

All around, a perfect place for a family outing. We'll definitely be visiting again.

18 May 2010

l'atelier de gèdèon

L'Atelier de Gèdèon is one of my favorite shops in Lyon. When I'm looking for a gift, it's the first place I go to.


Actually, I go there even when I'm not looking for a gift. It's not just because the shop is filled with pretty things, but also because the owner is such a lovely lady. I feel happy when I'm in this shop.

I first came to this shop when it hadn't been even two weeks after moving into our current apartment. I was walking, perhaps on the way back from an errand or something, when I caught in the corner of my eye the beautiful display in the window of this store. Instant magnet!

I walked in, and a lady with a kind smile greeted me. We started talking -- luckily she spoke some English -- and when I told her I was new in the area and didn't speak French, she took my hand and said, "If you need help, you come here. I will help you."

I was feeling overwhelmed, lost, and totally out of place at the time, and her sweet words really touched me. I could have cried.

I have since gone back to the shop many times. I bought some Christmas decoration for our apartment here (we had brought only our stockings and Advent Calendar), as well as a few holiday gifts and hostess gifts. And if, while I'm selecting a candlestand for a friend, I see a faux-antique vase that would be perfect by our living room fireplace, then...

Here's another reason I like this shop: the prices.

There are many beautiful stores in Lyon for gifts and home decoration, but I find the prices at some of them shocking (horrifying, outrageous, scandalous... you get the idea). Patricia sets her prices very reasonably, I think, plus she always has a shelf in the back with marked-down items. It really is a gem of a place, particuarly considering its location in the 6ème.

I am no longer new in the area and I still need help. Fortunately, though, I have not needed to come here to ask Patricia for help.

That's a good thing.

L'Atelier de Gèdèon
94, rue Vendôme
69006 Lyon
04 72 74 28 95

woof woof

Two of us want a dog. One of us is resisting.

Time to surrender?

07 May 2010

don't buy me flowers

I much prefer the ones you pick.

Note: I should probably state this here -- this photo was taken by E. Must have been, because these hands are mine, not his.