21 May 2010

where blue birds fly

We discovered Parc des Oiseaux recently.

Only about 30 minutes out of Lyon, it is large and very beautifully maintained.  The lush green-ness of the place and its layout (such as the lake in the middle of it and the boardwalk crossing it) make it pleasurable to walk around, even if you're not that interested in birds.

The park has a restaurant, a cafeteria, and two snack bars, but there are also many picnic tables and tons of benches that are great for picnic lunches.

The petit "orientation" train that took us around the perimeter of the park reminded me of the choo-choo train at Santa Barbara Zoo. I didn't understand the French commentary, but these trains are fun! Riding one is a must at any animal park, along with an ice cream cone (which we didn't eat, because it was way too cold).

The bird show was incredible. The amphitheater looks down toward the lake (a gorgeous view), and when the zoologist pointed to the direction of the other side of the lake and said something, a pelican appeared in the sky, flew over toward us and landed on the stage! Then came a group of geese (who kept coming back at impeccable intervals), then two elegant owls, and many other kinds of birds came flying from this direction and that direction. 

I didn't understand a word the zoologist said, but I very much enjoyed the show, which lasted about 30 minutes.

In addition to the bird exhibits, our son enjoyed the playground equipment. I appreciated the clean bathroom facilities.

All around, a perfect place for a family outing. We'll definitely be visiting again.

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