18 May 2010

l'atelier de gèdèon

L'Atelier de Gèdèon is one of my favorite shops in Lyon. When I'm looking for a gift, it's the first place I go to.


Actually, I go there even when I'm not looking for a gift. It's not just because the shop is filled with pretty things, but also because the owner is such a lovely lady. I feel happy when I'm in this shop.

I first came to this shop when it hadn't been even two weeks after moving into our current apartment. I was walking, perhaps on the way back from an errand or something, when I caught in the corner of my eye the beautiful display in the window of this store. Instant magnet!

I walked in, and a lady with a kind smile greeted me. We started talking -- luckily she spoke some English -- and when I told her I was new in the area and didn't speak French, she took my hand and said, "If you need help, you come here. I will help you."

I was feeling overwhelmed, lost, and totally out of place at the time, and her sweet words really touched me. I could have cried.

I have since gone back to the shop many times. I bought some Christmas decoration for our apartment here (we had brought only our stockings and Advent Calendar), as well as a few holiday gifts and hostess gifts. And if, while I'm selecting a candlestand for a friend, I see a faux-antique vase that would be perfect by our living room fireplace, then...

Here's another reason I like this shop: the prices.

There are many beautiful stores in Lyon for gifts and home decoration, but I find the prices at some of them shocking (horrifying, outrageous, scandalous... you get the idea). Patricia sets her prices very reasonably, I think, plus she always has a shelf in the back with marked-down items. It really is a gem of a place, particuarly considering its location in the 6ème.

I am no longer new in the area and I still need help. Fortunately, though, I have not needed to come here to ask Patricia for help.

That's a good thing.

L'Atelier de Gèdèon
94, rue Vendôme
69006 Lyon
04 72 74 28 95

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