21 August 2008

will you love me forever?

"Will you love me forever?" I ask.

"I don't know if I'll love you forever, but I love you now," you answer.

Sweetheart, that's why I love you.

18 August 2008

well said

Actress Julianne Moore was the featured person in Parade Magazine this morning.

Not being much of a movie person, I haven't seen that many of her films, but I've always thought her incredibly beautiful and intelligent-looking. Julianne Moore, as portrayed in this article, didn't disappoint me.

Here's a quote: "I want them to be interested in their own lives and their own accomplishments.... I don't want them to be interested in mine. Mine are of no consequence to them. I am their mother. That's all I want to be to them -- not some artist who discusses her work with them. I don't care if they appreciate my artistry. I just want them to appreciate my unconditional love."

(My accomplishments) are of no consequence to them.

How refreshing is that?

And isn't it so, so true?

As a parent, it doesn't matter what one's occupation is or how great one is at that occupation; what matters is how good one is as a parent. And the childrent shouldn't have to worry about anything else in terms of who their parents are.

Now, does this have any relevance to my life, as I am a stay-at-home mother and have no other roles in my relationship with my child? Why yes, it does.

I am his mother. That's all I want to be to him.

09 August 2008

happy normal


Today is the first day since the beginning of July that feels somewhat normal. We're not traveling any more and the visitors are gone.

I take a deep breath.... in..... and out.

How fortunate it is that we have "normal" to fall back into. The comforting assurance of routine, lazy pleasure of boredom.

I am home, physically and mentally.