28 February 2008

blue sky, nothing but blue sky

Before we moved here, we were told that it never rains in So. CA and that it is never cold. Those were two of the biggest little lies I had ever heard. Now I see why Ugg boots are so popular here.

Okay, so this is not Fargo, ND, either, but it has been sufficiently cold and I myself have been wearing Uggs (studiously purchased to keep up with the local fashion). Ugg boot season, however, seems to be ending now -- today, the sky is forever blue with not a cloud to be seen, the breeze is sweet, and thanks to all the rain we had several weeks back, the hills are alive not only with the sound of mucis but also with sprouts of green everywhere.

It's spring!

It's the season of new beginnings! Time to clean out our closets, cabinets, and bookcases, and give away what's not needed any more. In the spirit of purging, I have already got my hair cut fairly short. We're getting rid of the extra bed (only two people have come to stay overnight in the last two years) and the loveseat that has been sitting in the garage for over a year. We'll paint the former guest room with a spring-y shade of blue and make it a playroom for E and his friends.

Spring, spring, spring!

A light exists in spring
Not present on the year
At any other period.
When March is scarcely here

-Emily Dickinson

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