04 May 2009

picnic at the park

The prince has requested a picnic lunch at the park.

With six pieces of onigiri, tamagoyaki made with two eggs, plus salmon and green beans from the night before in a medium-size Tupperware, our obento looked very proudly Japanese. We also had two bottles of mugi-cha, our favorite cold beverage. Had there been a thermos full of hot hoji-cha, it would have been a perfect Japanese picnic lunch.

It just so happens that in Japan, it is the middle of Golden Week right now. Families everywhere are packing obento, putting their walking shoes on, lugging their backpacks and picnic baskets, and enjoying the good weather over there.

Nobody else was having a picnic at the park we went to, but we celebrated our Golden Week anyway. Because, you see, every week is a Golden Week for me.

The weather was lovely, children happy in the playground, runners and bicycles gladly sharing the path, and E and I were content.

Yes, every day is a Golden Day.

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