27 January 2010

honey drops from heaven

I got these honey drops at L'Artisanat Monastique. I was looking for stocking stuffers before Christmas, and these came in a perfectly-sized bag, so I bought them along with a few other bags of fruit-flavored ones.

They are made at a monastery (I think it's this one, although the packages in the photos are different from the bags I've bought), and I'm not trying to be witty or clever when I say that they -- the honey ones as well as the fruit-flavored ones -- are heavenly.

They taste... oh, how should I describe their taste... they taste subtle, gentle, lyrical. They taste as if angels are whispering into my mouth to give me quiet cheer.

They taste, I am a bit horrified but feel somewhat justified to say, like everything American supermarket candy is not.

I confess that I have actually gone back since then to get more. 

My husband wishes I hadn't.  My son's not complaining.


J. et K. said...

We have got to go shopping together!

Let's bring our calendars on Sunday and plan dates for Japanese and Vietnamese restos.

cocopuff1212 said...

Second that motion.