11 March 2010

when in france

It was so cold this morning I didn't want to go out.

I checked the weather in Fargo, North Dakota, because that's what I do when it feels cold and miserable outside of my apartment, so I can tell myself, "See, there are other places in the world much colder than Lyon. Stop mumbling!"

Except it was actually one degree warmer in Fargo than in Lyon. At least this morning.

I really didn't want to go out now.

Then I remembered that almost directly across the street from where I needed to go was the most famous chocolatier in all of France.

I immediately perked up, put my coat on faster than I thought possible, and was out of the door before I even knew it. You know what they say: When in France, do as the French do. Eat chocolate.  

Finished with my errand, I headed to Bernachon and bought several petits fours along with this bar of chocolate I had heard about -- Jour et Nuit. Its bottom half is milk chocolate and the top half is dark chocolate. There's nothing in it; it's just a very simple bar of chocolate.

Now I don't claim to be a chocolate expert. But you'd better believe that this chocolate is really, really good. It's mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm MMMMM good; it's if-you-get-used-to-this-you-will-never-buy-supermarket-chocolate-ever-again good.

The smoothness of its texture is amazing, and the flavor truly comes out in the mouth because there's nothing in it to distract the senses.

You need to have a shot of espresso with it.

I think it's a relatively small indulgence at 5€70 -- a 150g of solid happiness. After all, it's not like I went and bought a pair of shoes at Ferragamo to cheer myself up.

Right? Right???


J. et K. said...


I love it. Just my kind of pick-me-up. Now... if only Bernachon delivered to the Croix Rousse. :)

Trisha said...

This looks amazing! Definitely worth venturing out on a freezing day.

cocopuff1212 said...

Bernachon has a "runner" who is willing and available to run over and make deliveries :)

cocopuff1212 said...

Hi Trisha,
It's slowly getting warmer, so I started riding again.
Hope to be posting more articles on outing by Velov!