22 June 2010

broadway market, london fields

Beautiful, fresh produce. Too bad we were staying for only four days and didn't have a kitchen.

But there was food we could eat right away. And we did. My lunch was a vietnamese sandwich -- I had not had one of those since I left Hawaii!

Tamami of Coco & Me. I've been following her blog and have been a big fan. What a privilege it was to meet her. I bought her brownie. I only had a bite (someone else finished it), but it was dreamy. Next time I want to try the chocolate cake (and the cheesecake, and the berry tarte, and....).

Vegetable falafel from Arabica Food & Spice Company.

Lovely jewelry and such at Jessie Chorley & Buddug. I wanted to buy everything she was selling. After considerable agonizing, I finally settled on a small, heart-shaped pin.

Broadway Market is held on Saturdays on a street that's lined with great shops and cafes. It's a perfect place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee, read the newspaper, buy some groceries (and lunch), and just people-watch.

I loved it. I will be going back soon.

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