25 November 2010


I made an Advent wreath today.

There are several interpretations of the symbolism of the Advent wreath. The accumulation of light is an expression of the growing anticipation of the birth of Jesus Christ, who in Christian faith is seen as the light of the world. The circular wreath represents God's eternity and unity. Evergreens are a symbol of enduring life.

In some traditions the first candle is called the prophet's candle and is meant to signify the hope of Jesus' coming. The second is called the Bethlehem candle in honor of the city of Christ's birth. The third candle is the shepherds' candle. The final candle is the angels' candle, symbolising the angelic proclamation of joy at Christ's birth. A number of carols have been written for use with the short liturgy accompanying the lighting of the Advent candles in church services. A common format is to add an extra verse each week, relating to the symbolism of that week's candle.

~ from Wikipedia

The wreath smells wonderful. I can't wait for Sunday.


French for a While said...

How great. You've reminded me that we have some berries and pine conesin the yard. I think we're going to try the same thing.

cocopuff1212 said...

Be sure to post the photo on your blog!