21 July 2011

french countryside

Of the two-hour-and-five-minute train ride from Lyon to Paris, all but 20 minutes is through an endless countryside. Rolling hills, green pastures, cows grazing, little quaint villages with church steeples poking in the middle, and occasional chateaux here and there in the distance. So, so relaxing.

I love traveling by TGV.

I don't need to get to the station 2 hours early to check in. I don't need to stand in line and wait. I don't need to take my jacket or shoes off for x-ray. The seats are wide and comfortable, with plenty of leg room. I can get up any time to walk around the voiture.

I once took the train from Washington, D.C. to New York and really enjoyed it. I wish this mode of traveling was more available in the U.S. I would definitely take it whenever the option is feasible.


Christine H. said...

Your post makes me want to hop on a train. Beautiful photo!

cocopuff1212 said...

And where would the train take you??? :)