02 December 2011

christmas reading 2

Here's something I used to do with children around Christmas: (Note: this is easier, and actually more fun, if some adults are present to help name the reindeer... especially if those adults have never read this book.)

Me: Can you name all of Santa's reindeer?
Kids: Dasher and Dancer and....

Waitl til all the reindeer are named. Sometimes people forget Rudolf. Make sure he's counted, too. Then:

Me: And?
Kids: And what?
Me: There's one more.
Kids: Who?
Me: Olive. You forgot Olive.
Kids: There's no reindeer named Olive!
Me: Yes, there is.
Kids: Where?
Me: "All of the other reindeer~♪"
Kids: Huh?
Me: Don't you see? "All of the other... Olive, the other reindeer..."
Kids: Oooh.

Then pull out this book and read it to them.

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