10 May 2012

science museum, london

We expected the Science Museum in London to be primarily a place for children. We went there because we thought our 10-year old son would enjoy it.

We were very pleasantly surprised. Of course, he loved the hands-on exhibits and enjoyed the children's lecture and overall had a terrific time. But my husband and I were also delighted to find so many -- so many! -- fabulously interesting and beautiful things to look at.

I love old scientific instruments. Their beauty lies in their function and utility, and their ability to answer and ask questions at the same time. What were people trying to find out back then? Did they find the answers they were looking for?

We could have visited the Museum two days in a row and still not have enough time to see everything. I eventually stopped taking photos because it was taking too much time, and just enjoyed looking at the exhibits.

It was a good call.


argone said...

OOOOh i would love to visit this museum !! The kids must love it ...

cocopuff1212 said...

Definitely allow one whole day for it. The food at the cafeteria wasn't bad, either.