07 March 2008

about food blogs

There are soooooo many food blogs.

I used to wonder why that was the case, until I realized that food was quite possibly the easiest and most accessible topic to blog about.

One can blog about travels, but really, how often does one travel? Blogs can be also about movies, but I don't know anybody who sees a movie every day. Everybody has to eat, however. Most people eat a few times a day.

What's amazing about the food blogs I read is the amount of time and energy these people are evidently spending on creating, searching, consuming, photographing, and critiquing food. I enjoy cooking and I like to eat, too, but if I spent that much effort even just thinking about food, I would have no energy left to eat, let alone to cook.

The food blogs I like are those that don't just discuss food -- I find recipe blogs quite boring -- the ones I frequent look like they are talking about food but really they are talking about, oh, you know, love, life, relationship, and stuff like that. So far I have not found too many of them, but there are some, and they are oh so lovely.

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JessicaM said...

Hi there. I'm doing research to write an article about food blogs, and I've found a couple that are really good. You might be interested in these:


And here is a NYTimes article about the first blog in the list: http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9C04E0DF1E31F930A2575BC0A9659C8B63&scp=1&sq=A%20Race%20To%20Master%20The%20Art%20Of%20French%20Cooking&st=cse