21 March 2008

spring fever

Yesterday was the first day of spring. The weather around here has been a tease, warming up a bit, cooling down again, getting really warm again, and then going back to almost winter-like temperature. Yesterday, however, was a nice day. It is warm and bright today, too, and maybe, just maybe, it really is spring now.

E's playroom project is almost complete. The magnetic boards and the flags arrived yesterday; all I have to do is have M put them up. I would have done that myself last night except the boards are too heavy for me to install. Didn't have the heart to ask M to do it last night, however.

The planters on the patio are now done as well. This year the color scheme is bold, bright, and all around happy. In a few weeks they will fill out, and about that time, it will be warm enough to start having dinner outside.

A glass of chilled white wine in my own backyard, at the end of a productive day. Life really can't get any better than that.

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