15 April 2009

the dream kitchen?

Another rainy day in Washintgon, D.C.

I was at the Museum of American History and looking at Julia Child's kitchen yesterday, and for the first time, I was struck by how small her kitchen was. There isn't that much counter space in there. I've never noticed that before because my own kitchen was also small back then. I now have a fairly spacious, modern kitchen, and so, in comparison, Julia's kitchen looks small.

A friend of mine in Hawaii, whose cooking has always wowed me (in fact, I have never eaten anything that she cooked that was not absolutely delicious), does not have a huge kitchen, either.

What Julia did have was pots and pans. And knives. Lots and lots of them. All hanging on the wall, making it easy for her to spot exactly the one she needed.

What does my dream kitchen look like? Do I deserve my dream kitchen?

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