02 April 2009

went, didn't find, and still bought

I didn't forget the farmers' market this afternoon.

I got there at 1:25 p.m., five minutes before the market was to open, and people were already lined up at the entrance. I had to circle the parking lot twice to find a spot, all the way at the end of the Western Hemisphere. (Next time, I shall get there at 1:00 p.m., claim the prime parking spot and hang out there with a book until the market opens.)

And yet, and yet, my vendor didn't have the tomatoes I was after. I actually went to the market just to get these tomatoes, and they didn't have any today!

These tomatoes are called "Pink Lady", about an inch in diameter, and have a delightfully crunchy skin that makes them perfect for a quick snack. In fact, I can just stand by the kitchen counter and eat them. One after another. And another. And another...

"My" vendor is also popular among other shoppers, obviously. The booth had a line in front of it, and it took me a while to get the ladies' attention. They said that "the tomatoes weren't good" or something to that effect, in Japanese, and I'm hoping that they meant "they weren't good this week but will be available next week." Oh, and they didn't have any mizuna, either.

I, of course, was a little disappointed, but these ladies are so friendly and upbeat that it's hard to stay disappointed. I'll be back next week.

I couldn't get the tomatoes or the salad green, so instead I bought .... some flowers. Two bunches of ranunculus, to be exact, for $6. A happy bouquet of punchy red, orange and yellow. I skipped my way out of the market, got home, and was a bit late picking E up at school because I was arranging them in a vase and forgot what time it was.

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