30 August 2010

scenes from torino, italia

Lovely, isn't it?

Turin's cobble-stone streets are easier on feet, paws, 
and small wheels than those in Lyon.

We had the most delicious view from our hotel room.

27 August had come and gone,
but this shopkeeper still wasn't back from her vacanze.

The same tower we saw from our hotel room,
just from a different angle.

A glass of vino bianco with lunch
(of course!).

An evening stroll while we wait for our waiter to bring us the bill
(it was a looooong wait).

It took me forever to walk just a few blocks, 
because I wanted to look at every one of these courtyards.

Normally I'm telling my son to get out of the streets,
but here, I actually asked him to get IN the street
just so I can take a photo like this.
I did make sure there were no trams coming!

Gelato, anyone?


heidi said...

beautiful pictures, you capture the ambiance of Torino so well.

oh and yes please, un GRANDE gelato per favore.


cocopuff1212 said...

Thank you, Heidi!
My gelato coffee flavor... Mmmm!