03 December 2010

first snow storm this winter

The snowfall started Tuesday afternoon.

It started to come down really hard as I was driving to pick E up at school. When I got there, the bell had not rung yet but all the students were at the building entrance, ready to be picked up and taken home as quickly as possible. It was clear that this was turning into a major weather/road condition, and the school staff wanted to make sure everyone went home safely. God bless these people.

We walked back to the car to find it covered with a few inches of snow, just in the 20 minutes I had left it parked. The ice scraper that we never took out of the car after our ski trip last Februay -- well, I was really glad we never took it out of the car.

Driving home wasn't fun, but we got home safely and that's all that mattered. I made a pot of hot chocolate immediately. Home is a good place to be, especially when there's a snow storm raging outside. We have heat, we have food, and we have clothes to keep us warm. How lucky we are.

The school was closed on Wednesday. E had a few friends to play with and a foot of snow to play in.

It was a magical winter wonderland.


L Vanel said...

So pretty.

cocopuff1212 said...

It really was beautiful, wasn't it?