20 December 2010

a year gone by


These photos are from last year's snowstorm, several days before Christmas.

I was scheduled to fly out, alone, to go to the other side of the world. To say good-bye to somebody. Some of the airports in Europe were starting to shut down because of the weather, and others were limiting flights departing and arriving. I sat in front of my living room window, looking at the thick snow curtains and wondering if mine would be departing as scheduled.

But I wasn't worried. The snow kept falling, erasing my worries as it fell, whispering, "It's okay. Whatever will be, will be." My flight did leave on time, and after 24 hours, I got where I needed to be. 

A year has gone by since then.

A whole year gone by. I am exactly one year older, but am I wiser? Am I a better person now than I was last year? Did I learn? Did I give?

Most importantly, though: Did I live?

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coco said...

nmmm beautiful posts!! You got a nice shot.