03 February 2011

treasure, treasure

Can No.1: Top

One person's junk is another person's treasure.

Can No.1: Bottom

Not too long ago I took someone to the flea market with me, and she kept making comments like "Why would you want to pay money for that?", "You're not going to take that back to the U.S., are you?", "But it's all bent and rusty! So ugly!"... and my favofrite of all: "You can get a new one at less than half that price!" (She is absolutely right!)

Can No.2: Top

It's really fun to see what others at the flea market are buying. Occasionally I see people carrying something very unusual-looking and think, "What the heck is that? What is that person going to do with it?". Once in a while I see something in someone's hand and think, "Now that's ugly."

But hey, it's one person's junk, another person's treasure.

Can No.2: Bottom

I'll keep my mouth shut because they keep theirs shut. While on the subject, I should publicly thank my wonderful husband for keeping his mouth shut every time I come home from the flea market.

I want you to know, honey, that not everything I bring home from Les Puces is useless junk. Some of the stuff has found work in the apartment. Have you noticed????

Can No.3: Happily occupied.

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