24 May 2011

a little piece (or two) of paris for me

One of the places I was determined to visit on this trip to Paris is a little ceramic studio/shop called Le Petit Atelier de Paris

It is located in le 3eme on one of those narrow, endearing streets. It's open just Thursday through Saturday, and only in the afternoon at that. I was so excited that I was finally able to visit the shop -- I've been wanting to, ever since I read about it in Keiko's blog post -- that I got there 10 minutes before it opened.

I fell in love even before it opened, though. The way things were laid out and displayed in the shop window, simple lamp hanging in front of an unbleached linen curtain, sign written in white on the glass -- everything was just so.

Then I walked inside. It's a tiny space of a shop, but oh, what a lovely, warm, calm space. The friendly welcome by the owners' dog didn't hurt, either. I was instantly smitten.

I wanted to buy everything in the shop. After agonizing for a good 15 minutes (it may have been longer), I decided on a cup, because it's something I can use every day.

Inside the cup is the atelier's logo -- loving hands that make these beautiful things.

I also indulged and got myself the atelier's signature house-shaped objet d'art. Mine has a number, but plain ones are available, in two different sizes (second photo from the top).

What made my experience at this atelier even more special is how beautifully and thoughtfully my purchase was wrapped. The cup and the house were gently swaddled in double layers of tissue paper as if they were precious pieces of jewelry, and the paper bag was adorned with a little ceramic star that's graced by the atelier's logo.

If I lived in Paris, I would be visiting this place regularly and frequently, but I don't. I hope to come back before our time in France is up, hopefully soon. Until then, take care, Pompon (that's the dog's name -- isn't it sweet?).


Ashley said...

What an adorable shop! Makes me want to go!

cocopuff1212 said...

It's really a sweet place. It's away from all the touristy spots, so you need to make a special trip, and that makes it even sweeter :)