12 May 2011

principales spécialités

Liqueurs and hard liquor are not my specialties. Well, except for Limoncello and Frangelico, that is...


Antique and vintage prints are the specialities of Les Bois Debout in Vieux Lyon.

This store is just steps away from Cathédrale St. Jean in the lovely neighborhood where quaint shops and cafes grace cobblestone streets. I always stop by when I'm in the area, and I always find something that I really like (not necessarily in the price range I like, but that's a different issue).

I was attracted to the vibrant colors in these prints -- there were two of them and no other like them, so I thought I'd keep them together and bought the pair. The note said that they were from the 1920s~30s.

I'll be making a trip to BHV soon to see if I can find inexpensive matting and frames for them. How fun.

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