12 July 2009

everyone has to eat

But not everyone can eat here. No, we didn't eat here, either, but we were in the neighborhood. Literally. So we had to drive by.

Institut Paul Bocuse has a restaurant where the students cook and serve, and there, a meal for two can be had for 150 euro or so, I'm told. That, I'm willing to try and I think perhaps I'm worth the price tag. Perhaps.

This morning, we walked by the Rhone to go to the Sunday Market. E, who was born and raised in the U.S. and isn't used to walking much, objects to walking the city blocks but not when we're walking by the water.

I shopped the market while M watched E play on the river bank. I visited four or five different vendors and tried my non-existent French on them, and they all humored me except one older gentleman from whom I bought olives. We cooked the vegetables for dinner -- they were all very good, but the green beans were the best.

Next week, I'll muster my courage to talk to a cheese vendor.

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