30 July 2009

a new beginning

I've changed the blog title.

The new title, "the red bicycle", refers to Lyon's city-subsidized two-wheeled mode of transportation. But the really funny part is this: when I was getting ready to move to Lyon, I had a thought that I would change my blog title once I'm here, and just a second later the phrase "the red bicycle" popped in my head.

I'm not making this up!

I remember thinking to myself, why bicycle? I don't even own one. Why not "a red crayon"? But the phrase kind of stuck in my mind. Then I came to Lyon, and I understood why!

It's also an ode to one of my favorite films, The Red Violin. Kind of.

So here's to a new beginning, a new adventure, a new chapter in life.

As for actually taking advantage of these wonderfully available red bicycles, I will be able to do so once I have the resident ID. Which I will be able to obtain soon now that we have a signed lease on an apartment. Which we won't get into until middle of September. But that's a completely different story.....

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