27 July 2009

lost, even without translation

It's always hard for me to get oriented in a new place because I have a terrible sense of direction -- one turn and I'm lost. I could be walking in one direction convinced that I'm going the right way and be 90 degrees off. Or going exactly the opposite way. Honestly.

It doesn't help that I can't even pronounce most of the street names in this city. There are two streets nearby that intersect each other, and after three weeks I still don't know which is which because they have similar names (well, they look similar to me). Sometimes I feel totaly defeated.

But there's beauty in getting lost, because that's an opportunity for finding new things -- provided that I don't have to worry about another individual; i.e., my son.

I'm looking forward to getting lost, all by myself, once E starts school in September. The weather will be also nice by then, perhaps encouraging me to walk further and get even more lost.

Until then, I'll always take a map with me, and check it at every turn I make. Or maybe I should get a GPS.

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